Karabay Makina

From yesterday to today...

Our journey with industrial washing machines began in 2002 and is still going on, with all the experience we collected during the long years and our steady work, under the brand name ROTANO CLEAN of the company KARABAY MAKİNA.

KARABAY MAKİNA combines its experience about industrial washing machines with technological developments and facultative customer requests to produce issueless machines satisfying the customer needs fully.

Among our principles are issueless technical service which adapts itself to technological developments and an economical pricing policy.

Creating new ideas, combining our abilities with experience and devotion to find solutions and providing these to our customers with minimal costs is the main target of our company.

Our Main Goal To Serve The Whole World

Elite machinery manufacturers in the production market in Turkey and internationally primarily to long-term partner of their choice, and they apply also to our customers and to support the R&D field.

Karabay Makina develops and produces special products for its customers. The basis of their solutions are production and logistics processes based on knowledge, experience and efficiency.

Karabay Makina adopts the principle of being a solution partner to its customers. It provides the necessary service with the same determination to all its customers who have gained or want to take a place in the sector.

We have a distinguished past full of success. Our strategy is guided by the best research and permanent education; offers the best solution to our customers we serve.


What Does It Say About Us?

Ufuk Yılmaz

Arsan Lazer - General Manager

By illuminating the boundaries between industrial fields in both the physical and digital world, they provide the best service by bringing tomorrow's technologies to their customers today.

Necdet Ersoy

Nec Design - General Manager

Karabay Makina is the best especially in washing machines. You will be satisfied with high communication and high working speed.


Work with Experts!

Serkan Kara

General Manager

Yasin Abay

General Manager

İbrahim Alkan

Research Development Manager

Selçuk Kocaoğullar

Project Engineer

Yavuz Tekin

Automation Manager

Yalçın Abay

Purchasing Manager

Nurdan Kara

Accounting Manager

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